At Honywood, our approach to curriculum design is unique. At the very heart of our learning design is personalisation and choice. The iPad is the tool that enables us to deliver this process of curriculum design.

Young people at our school can expect the most challenging learning experiences. We expect our learners to become independent, mature and empowered, able to make excellent decisions about the lives they lead whilst at our school, as well as learning how to be happy and successful in the lives they lead on leaving us.

Our pedagogy is based on an agreed learning design template which all staff use to plan learning sessions and which provides learners with our framework for lifelong growth. All learning sessions are delivered by learners accessing online platforms via their iPads. This ensures all learners have equal access to resources and can partake in all learning opportunities.    

The learning design is further supported by My Learning Attributes – 8 qualities used to offer a framework for lifelong growth. These 8 attributes ensure each learner leaves us:

  • A skilled collaborator, able to communicate effectively in different situations
  • Curious about the world around them
  • Craftsmanlike in their approach to learning and to life
  • Confident in their capability to overcome problems
  • Constructive and considered in the way they approach new challenges
  • Qualified to access the pathways that unlock their dreams  

These are the elements that we feel ensure great learning and we’ve designed our school to focus consistently on them. Learners regularly reflect on their development and progress against these attributes. They underpin the reflective showcase element of our curriculum and form part of a dual focus approach that supports quality subject learning.  At Honywood we aspire to create learners’ futures where many schools simply re-create their own pasts.