KS3 – Enterprise & Solutions.


Enterprise and Solutions provides learners with an introduction to a number of subjects that they can take at key stage 4.

Our first season in Enterprise and Solutions allows learners to become familiar with a number of computer programmes and applications that learners can use on their iPad to support and enhance their learning. Through exploring these programmes, learners will develop their confidence with using technology at Honywood which will support them throughout the two years that they will be studying Enterprise and Solutions.

Following this, learners will be presented with a unit that is designed to develop their understanding of the world of business entrepreneurship, ownership and project management. It will help develop their understanding of business enterprise and aims to improve learner’s capacity to make clear, calculated and justifiable decisions, based on effective data analysis, sound contextual knowledge and reason. The investigative nature of the schemes of work will help to develop learner’s capability to collaborate and communicate across a variety of tasks and topics, as well as being able to craft workable solutions across a variety of business scenarios and investigations.

We have grown to understand that well made plans, whether it be within a personal or professional context, rarely go as expected. The course is designed to help develop learner’s ability to calmly and concisely problem solve their way to a successful outcome. The schemes of work will also call on learners to not only explain their decisions, but reflect to upon them.

The media studies industry is continuously growing and developing and the potentials of this sector are still, in many ways, unknown. Learners will have the opportunity to explore the history of the video game industry, how it has become such a success and what it might look like in the future. Learners will be presented with a project in which they must use their knowledge of the video game industry to make decisions and justifications surrounding a brand new video game. Further, Enterprise and Solutions will allow learners to investigate how media has changed and developed over time, for example we will be looking at the decline in the magazine industry and why this might be the case.

Each scheme of work will have at least 1 ‘ignite’ learning session, which will develop the interest, knowledge and skills required to do well across the topic. There will be a long term investigation built into each scheme of work, which will last between 3-4 learning sessions, each with specific learning outcomes. The Showcase for each season will either be in the form of an assessed written piece of work, oral presentation or both. Showcases will also include learners reflecting on their own progress, attitude and effort across the scheme of work.