What will I learn?

The health and social care curriculum is divided into four units, each contributing 25% of the final qualification. The examination unit focuses on “Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings” and comprises of four Learning Outcomes. This unit provides learners with information about the rights of individuals accessing health and social care settings, the importance of maintaining these rights and how we can ensure these rights are maintained.

The internally assessed units within health and social care allow learners to produce written reports demonstrating their understanding of communication in health and social care, the needs of individuals at different life stages and how to provide appropriate support that is catered towards an individual in their care. Learners will explore a number of case studies that will allow them to create individualised health care plans for these individuals. Further, learners will practice their communication skills through scenario based learning to prepare them for the final assessment to support these internally assessed units.

How will I be assessed?

The externally assessed examination for health and social care will be sat by learners towards the end of cohort 11. The examination will last 60 minutes with a maximum of 60 marks to be gained. Learners will be expected to complete a number of questions that include short answer responses along with extended answers where learners are provided with a scenario or case study that they should utilise to support their answers.

The internally assessed units will be completed during cohort 10 and cohort 11 and learners will be working independently to produce written documents to respond to a brief outlined by OCR. Within these internally assessed units, learners will also be assessed on an individual interaction and group interaction that they will have in response to a case study provided to them by OCR. Learners will have time to practice and prepare for these interactions and will create a plan during lesson time that will help them to prepare for the interactions.