The aim of the Mathematics Department at Honywood is to realise the full mathematical potential of each learner and we are determined to improve the progress of all, regardless of prior attainment and knowledge. Our professional and dedicated staff believes that fostering an enjoyment of the subject is paramount to enable real learning to take place and as a team, we believe strongly in challenging our learners, promoting independence and encouraging them to extend their learning. The varied professional backgrounds of our teachers help us to make real connections with everyday life and to appreciate the role that mathematics plays in their other subjects.


Alongside our maths sessions we offer learners additional support from our highly skilled support team this can be by taking advantage of one to one (MLC) sessions on a topic of their choosing or by attending our extra-curricular programme.

The Curriculum

All learners in cohort’s 7 to 11 follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics with some additional material. At GCSE, learners currently follow the Edexcel Linear A specification. The GCSE examinations have tiered Foundation and Higher entry levels to cater for pupils of all abilities. Learners begin the course in cohort 9, Foundation or Higher pathways are decided at the end of Cohort 9.

Cohorts 9, 10 & 11

The curriculum is covered over a 3 year period with opportunities for learners to engage with ALL areas included in the specification. All learners are encouraged to make excellent progress and resources have been specifically designed that will engage the learners, to consolidate and make progress in their existing skills, knowledge and understanding. Our approach to teaching Mathematics ensures that our pupils benefit from sound understanding of the fundamental principles underpinning the subject.


Progress is monitored in a variety of ways.

Session by session the learner’s progress will be monitored by either having one-to-one conversations with the teacher, by analysing learning in their book or online and by regular assessment points. Guidance will be given as to how to progress forward in their maths knowledge and understanding.

In cohort 7 and 8, progress will be monitored by the teacher more formally during the showcase opportunity with the focus of this being on developing the required skills to later become a qualified mathematician.

Formal performance opportunities are built into the programme and come in the form of questions from actual GCSE papers. These performance opportunities require the youngsters to apply knowledge and understanding they have gained in sessions and through independent study. A detailed breakdown is provided after each assessment with clear guidance on which areas of maths need to be improved.

Approach to Independent Study

Independent study is fundamental to help the learners consolidate their understanding and the expectation is that learners in cohorts 7 and 8 will complete 30-35 minutes and in cohorts 9-11, 40-50 minutes after each learning session. This will be a continuation of their learning from the classroom.

Resources to support learning

Resources to support learning in the curriculum can be found on the ilah platform under the following headings:

KS3 Maths

Maths GCSE 9-1


We expect all of the learners at Honywood to attend their learning sessions with the correct mathematical equipment. All learners should have a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, protractor, pair of compasses and a scientific calculator. All of this equipment can be bought from the school shop.