KS3 Learning


During KS3 learners will be encouraged to explore a wealth of topics in science under the following titles:

Cohort 7 Is there anything left to explore?
Is the world a beautiful place?
Under the surface
Worlds collide
How beautiful you are
My inspirations
Cohort 8My inspirations
Making time
Ambitions for the future


GCSE Course Structure

At Honywood Community Science School we follow the AQA specification (from 2016 teaching) as we believe this fits the needs of our learners precisely. During the course you will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics concurrently developing your understanding as the course progresses. As the units in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are similar to the Trilogy course, learners have a range of options, which can be tailored to suit each individual’s needs.


 GCSE learners are provided with timelines to ensure they are clear on the timescales involved in their learning and when key deadlines are. At the end of each unit of study learners will sit an end of unity test consisting of GCSE style questions and thus will gain an insight into how they are performing in that topic. They can then use the feedback from these tests to identify areas they need to focus on.


KS3 learning is monitored closely by individual class teachers who will have regular conversations with the learners about the progress they are making and help to provide tailored guidance to ensure they make the maximum about of progress necessary.  Learners will complete a subject challenge for every episode of learning with feedback given. Showcase weeks allow learners to recognise how far they have come in their learning since they started and provide some time for reflection on what approaches to their learning were successful and those which were not.

Approach to Independent Study

 It is expected that each learner is to spend during KS3 at least 30 minutes on independent study after each learning session (4 a fortnight). For KS4 this would expected to increase to at least 40-45 minutes after each session. The Independent study will vary from each learning session but as a minimum learners are expected to consolidate their learning from each learning session and ensure they are confident with all the concepts covered in that session. They should come prepared to the following lesson to raise any questions and difficulties they may have had. GCSE learners in particular should also be practising exam style questions and feedback on these will be provided when requested.



Resources to support learning

My Learning choices can be booked with all Science teachers to provide learners with personalised support in order to aid their learning in any areas of science.


In addition we recommend learners in KS4 purchase Collin’s revision guides which are available from the school website.