Learning Session 3 Overview

Our core aim at Honywood is to ensure that all learners are happy and successful whilst at school and in their lives beyond the age of sixteen. All learners are placed in a Learning Group, in which they will remain during their time at Honywood. The Learning Group Leader (LGL) is a key person in the life of a learner, they are the member of staff whom youngsters see twice a day and they are the main point of contact for any parent or carer. On three occasions each week in Learning Session 3, learners spend twenty five minutes with their LGL; this session is designed to focus on the learning attributes (My Learning Attributes) which we believe will equip learners with the skills they will need in order to be happy and successful, in addition to preparing for various learning challenges that they will face during each term. The sessions are designed to be receptive to current learner issues and are facilitated by the LGL; at times by the learners themselves. The learners are encouraged to focus independently on their own personal development of the MLAs. They are encouraged to record learning highs and lows and analyse what they need to do to become more effective with their learning which will consequently enable them to lead a happier and more successful life. Each week there is a Cohort assembly which is either led by the Cohort Leader, visitors to the school, Lead Learners, Creative Teams or Learning Groups themselves. In assemblies we celebrate the progress learners are making as well as address our core values.

Learning Session 3 Programme

The Cohort Leader working group meet regularly, working collaboratively towards their goal of developing a Learning Session 3 programme which offers continuity and cohesion for learners as they progress through the school, whilst facilitating the development of their self-awareness and learning attributes.

The team began this process by identifying the key challenges that will be faced by each cohort during the course of the year, and allocating appropriate weeks from the calendar to allow Learning Group Leaders to focus on working with their groups to prepare for those challenges. Examples are the Guided Choices process for Cohort 8, Mock Exams and College applications for Cohort 11, Lead Learner applications for Cohort 10, awareness of MLAs in Cohort 7, and the transition to GCSE learning in Cohort 9, in addition to Learner Reflections, which are completed by all learners during Learning Session 3 in preparation for their Learning Summaries. Cohort Leaders guide their teams to develop resources which are used to support their Learning Groups through these challenges.

For the remaining sessions in the Learning Session 3 programme, the Cohort Leader team identified topics which could be applicable to all Cohorts, but addressed in varying degrees of complexity according to the level of awareness and understanding of learners. This year, the team agreed that Sex Education was an appropriate topic to address with all Cohorts. In Cohorts 7, 8 and 9 learners have therefore focused on the relationship aspect of Sex Education, and have been guided to consider the types of relationships that may or may not be appropriate, and managing their emotions around this. In Cohort 10, the focus shifts to the notion of consent, where learners were guided to consider the choices that are available to them in different situations, and what the consequences of those choices might be. In Cohort 11, the focus is sexual health and safety, having built upon learning from the previous years and now providing learners with a forum to consider how to manage their relationships safely and appropriately.