Learners have significant opportunities to become involved in leading and developing the school. One such opportunity is our ambassador system, which features responsibilities such as curriculum, development, maintenance or pastoral prefect. Each of the areas has dedicated Ambassador Coordinators, who are in turn managed by a team of Lead Learners and Deputy Lead Learners. This year, Cohort 10 learners will begin by applying for the role of Lead Learner or Deputy, followed by applications for Lead Ambassador and then finally the ambassador roles. One of the main roles of the six Lead Learners is to select their team, the Learner Leadership Team, and the Cohort Creative Teams. The Creative Teams look to develop creative projects in their cohorts. They work closely with their cohort and may organise events throughout the year as well as initiate new exciting projects. They are led by the Pastoral Lead Ambassadors for their cohort. The Learner Leadership Team consists of learners in each cohort; they make decisions on how best to improve the school and decide which fund raising events take place and are responsible for deciding how to spend part of the school budget. They are led by the Lead Learners. This year we are asking learners to apply for both teams.

Learners are encouraged to choose how they want to apply for either team. If they are successful in their application, they will be invited to participate in a workshop. The Lead Learners will design a workshop with tasks that allow the applicants to demonstrate their skills and work together as a team. Applications can be emailed to the Lead Learners or handed in to Learner Reception. It is the responsibility of the Learning Group Leader to encourage a discussion about the workshop during LS3 and instill in the minds of the youngsters that this is a great opportunity not to be missed.

Throughout the year 2017-18 the Lead Learners will be supported by a member of the Leadership Team (James Munro). The Deputy Lead Learners will be supported by Danny Scott.


 Lead LearnersDeputy Lead Learners
EnvironmentConnie SartiLizzie Grinter
Virtual WorldImogen PeareyCameron Newton
ProgressionRhiannon Ellis
Shannon Grealis
WellbeingEmmanuel KembleJorja Scales
AttributesGeorgia Meyer-HekLily Vickers
LeadershipJames SmithMaryann Cooke